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Pre-Law, Business Administration


Sierra Dennison

It is important for me to major in Business Administration with an Early Entry Law specialization so I can achieve my career goal of being a corporate attorney. 

This program allows for a seemingly natural progression into a Business Law concentration at UB Law's School. The baseline of this progression can be attributed to the academic ethics encouraged and the rigorous program at the Merrick School of Business. Some classes that should be highlighted include Business Law, Accounting, and Communicating in Business. The depth of knowledge gained in these classes, I believe, have prepared me for great success in the future. The most noted feature of the program is the fact it is accelerated and allows for a unique experience that other universities and colleges do not offer. The undergraduate and graduate combined program takes six years versus the usual seven years.
- Sierra Dennison

Going to law school after business school is a strategic career move.

The University of Baltimore offers qualified students the opportunity to select the Law School Early Entry or Pre-Law option to accelerate their careers.

Whether you see yourself working as corporate, intellectual property, sports agent or securities attorney, our Pre-Law option gives you the head start that you are looking for in your law career.

Here is how it works:

The Law School Early Entry or Pre-Law option allows you to count the successful completion of your first year of law school at the University of Baltimore School of Law, as the final year of your B.S. in Business Administration program. It is important to view the Guide to Graduation for this program. Please visit the School of Law website to view the current admission standards.

If the Pre-Law option is not quite what you are looking for, the UB School of Law also has the Automatic Admit Option. This option is available to high achieving University of Baltimore graduates. Once again see the School of Law website for details.