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Realize a Career in Real Estate

Yes it is true, real estate is still the largest asset class in America, creating vast  opportunities in the field of real property.

Baltimore GalleryThe business of real estate is far more than the acquisition and sale of property. Real Estate includes not just selling, but building, developing, managing, lending, appraising, investing, and legal oversight.

But real estate, land use, housing policy, and economic development include more than business. The public side of real estate addresses the issues of neighborhoods, jobs and economic growth, construction safety, and government. Economic Development is an increasingly broad field and involves both local and state governments trying to create better living and work environments for their citizens.

University of Baltimore’s Real Estate and Economic Development program provides students with a background in all of these areas. Whether a student wants to follow a public or private path in the broad fields of real estate, the program has classes in all areas. Students can gain knowledge from industry professionals in all fields through internships, the mentor program, class speakers, and events.
Review the program requirements, extra-curricular programs and professional possibilities to see if this program is for you.

The University of Baltimore is home to Maryland's only undergraduate real estate program.

Check out the program's blog.

Take the time to read the blog posts of our advisory board members and professors and you'll gain valuable insights on relevant and interesting real estate topics and learn how the University of Baltimore's bachelor's in real estate and Economic development can help your career path.