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Law Professor: Justice Alito 'Inexcusably Rude' to Supreme Court Colleague

June 25, 2013
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University of Baltimore School of Law Professor Garrett Epps says that the "display of rudeness" by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito toward his colleague, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was "jarring," and brought "gasps" from the audience watching the court's proceedings on June 24.

Writing in The Atlantic, Epps, a constitutional scholar and former Washington Post reporter, notes: "The offense against decorum is greater when the object of scorn is a woman 17 years his senior, one who is acknowledged even by most of her critics to have spent a distinguished career selflessly pursuing justice in the precise area of her dissent—gender equality in society in general and the workplace in particular. Her words are as worthy of respectful attention as were his.

"I found it as jarring as seeing a Justice blow bubblegum during oral argument."

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Last Published 6/9/16