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Maryland's Certified Public Manager Program Earns Accreditation

September 21, 2013
Contact: University Relations
Phone: 410.837.5739

The National Consortium of Certified Public Managers has awarded accreditation to the University of Baltimore's Maryland Certified Public Manager program, a nationally-recognized leadership development program.

Developed by the University of Baltimore's Schaefer Center for Public Policy in UB's College of Public Affairs, the program features 300 hours of structured learning activities, delivered in 36 days of classroom training, with a culminating capstone project that demonstrates participants' effectiveness in applying their knowledge and understanding to improve a real-world challenge in the participants’ workplaces.

According to Schaefer Center Director Ann Cotten, "Maryland's 345,293 state and local government employees and 263,373 nonprofit employees provide services that are essential for the education, safety, and well being of our residents. The CPM program provides a strong, academically-grounded program to a wide range of mid- to upper-level employees who will be our next generation of leaders."

Stacie Hunt, chair of the program's advisory board, concurs.

"The CPM program enables current and future managers to acquire and apply the best practices and theory to their management behaviors and strategies using prescribed sets of professional competencies," Hunt said. "We believe that by working collaboratively with nonprofit and government leaders through this program we can positively affect Maryland's future."

The curriculum uses theory as the foundation and applies it to practical problems facing the participant, their agency or department, and citizens. Those who complete the program are awarded the certified public manager (CPM) designation, which is a registered service mark of the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.

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