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Law Professor: We Must Find Out Why Children Skip School

May 15, 2014
Contact: University Relations
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In an interview on WMAR-TV, University of Baltimore School of Law Associate Professor Barbara Babb says it is crucial to find out why young students are skipping school if school performance is to improve. Babb serves as director of the school's Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts, which operates the highly touted Truancy Court Program—a holistic method of resolving children's chronic attendance problems with the involvement of family, teachers and volunteers.

Responding to research that shows that during the last school year, 11 percent of all Maryland students  missed 10 percent of the school year, Babb said, "That’s something we don't want to see at all. We want students to graduate, that means finding the reason why they aren’t in school."

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Last Published 6/9/16