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UB, BCCC Leverage B-Power Partnership to Encourage More City Students to Consider College

October 31, 2017
Contact: Office of Government and Public Affairs
Phone: 410.837.5739

The University of Baltimore and Baltimore City Community College are partnering to offer new ways for high school students from across the city to make college a priority—including opportunities for them to begin their higher education while they are in their senior year. The new partnership is supported by the University System of Maryland's B-Power Initiative, a multi-campus effort to open up new educational pathways for Baltimore students and improve their economic potential.

Under the partnership, UB and BCCC will:

  • help city students determine which campus and academic program offer the best fit; 
  • provide students with information on dual enrollment opportunities at both institutions; 
  • answer important questions that students and their families have about college affordability, the higher-education experience, and the impact of the decision;  
  • gain a better understanding of students’ career and program interests through surveys, listening sessions, campus tours, and so on.

"B-Power is the USM’s commitment to students in Baltimore City, and UB, BCCC and our community partners are dedicated to providing authentic college experiences that lead to careers for our students," said UB President Kurt L. Schmoke.

The city's successful YouthWorks summer jobs program, sponsored by Mayor Catherine E. Pugh, demonstrated the efficacy of the partnership between UB and BCCC. Now, the two campuses will gauge whether to offer that program consecutively—first at UB and then at BCCC—next summer; guide UB's Dual Enrollment students who haven't yet graduated but have completed UB's courses within the program to BCCC for additional course opportunities; and coordinate planning for this process to work well for all eligible students.

"This is a wonderful collaboration between our colleges that meets the needs of students to ensure they're placed on a successful pathway," said Michael D. Thomas, BCCC vice president for Workforce Development and Continuing Education and a former head of Career Technology Education for the Baltimore City Public Schools. "Besides the opportunity to experience both a community college and a university campus geographically close to one another in the city where they live, students will have time to see how college works, how to pick their classes and choose a major—really, all the things you need to be successful in college."

"In Baltimore, as in cities across the country, we’re seeing an economy that is driven primarily by jobs and careers that require higher learning," said John Brenner, UB's director of Early College Initiatives. "College is not for everyone, and not every job relies on a college-level skillset. But if our city-based institutions don’t do everything we can to bolster educational opportunities, right here in town, we would be undervaluing the great potential of every young person in Baltimore. Our B-Power Initiative is absolutely committed to these students—we want them to have a bright future."

Last fall, BCCC President/CEO Gordon F. May and President Schmoke (the latter of whom is currently serving as the chair of BCCC's Board of Trustees) signed an articulation agreement to ensure the seamless transfer of students who complete their studies at BCCC and want to continue their work toward a bachelor's degree. Students can transfer as many as 63 credits, receive transfer scholarships if eligible, and participate in the University's Helen P. Denit Honors Program. The agreement guarantees admission and waives the UB application fee.

Learn more about UB's Transfer Admission process.

The University of Baltimore is a member of the University System of Maryland and comprises the College of Public Affairs, the Merrick School of Business, the UB School of Law and the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences.


Last Published 6/9/16