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Course Syllabus Requirements - SL

School of Law

It is faculty policy for each faculty member to prepare a syllabus for distribution to the students at or before the first class meeting of each course. The syllabus should include:

  1. Name of Text(s) and other required reading materials, if not otherwise published;
  2. Instructor's office hours, if not otherwise published;
  3. Reading assignments and, where appropriate, the topics to be covered;
  4. Description of any written assignments or other required class activities;
  5. Basis for grading.

Items included in the syllabus may be stated tentatively, if desired. A syllabus for a period of less than one semester should be supplemented in due course. The topics covered by the course should include those specified for the course in the current bulletin of the law school, unless the instructor has published a new approved course description, which is included in registration materials or is placed in a location specifically described there.

Advanced Legal Research: Limitation on Number of Students Supervised

Faculty members shall be limited to the supervision of no more than five research papers per semester as part of Advanced Legal Research. (Adopted 4/95)

Maryland Bar Exam

  1. Professors teaching courses that are tested on the Maryland bar exam shall be given questions from the Maryland bar exam along with the Bar Examiners' model answers and representative student answers. (3/12/98)
  2. Professors teaching courses that are tested on the Maryland bar exam shall meet once a year to discuss the Maryland bar exam questions testing the subjects that they teach and, when appropriate, inform the Dean of their opinions of these questions. (3/12/98)