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Absences Due to Religious Holidays - SL

School of Law

Approved by UFS – 5/10/09
Approved by Provost – 5/21/09
Comment Period – 6/3-6/13/09

It is the policy of the University of Baltimore School of Law to respect students' observance of their major religious holidays. Students not attending class because they are observing religious holidays are given excused absences up to the maximum number of allowable absences if they notify the professor in advance.

Students shall be given an opportunity, whenever possible, to make up within a reasonable time any academic assignments or tests that are missed due to individual participation in religious observance. Arrangements should be made to make up missed assignments or tests with the faculty member(s) in advance of the specific holiday. In addition, faculty are encouraged to video or audio record classes in which students have been excused for religious reasons if appropriate. Where video or audio recording is an adequate substitute for class and the student views or listens to the recording, the student shall be deemed to have attended the class.