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Emergency Closing Announcements 7.7.2.

A. Consistent with USM 170.0 VI-12.00- Policy on Emergency Conditions: Cancellation of Classes and Release of Employees, the University President has the authority to cancel or otherwise modify class and work schedules because of emergency conditions that may arise because of inclement weather, fire, power failure, civil disorder, or other unusual circumstances which may endanger students or employees.

B. Decisions to cancel or otherwise modify class and work schedules because of emergency weather conditions will be made by the University President after consulting with:
     • Provost
     • Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
     • Vice President for Human Resources

C. University administrators understand the importance of making every effort to decide, in a timely fashion, whether to cancel or otherwise modify class and work schedules as the result of weather or other emergency events.

D.  Official university closing announcements can only be found at:
     • weather line at 410-837-4201;
     • university’s web page; and
     • university’s e-mail system 
E. Closing notifications shall also be posted to the following organizations.  Notifications include, but are not limited to: 
     1. Baltimore area radio and TV stations: WBAL Radio 11 (1090 AM/ 97.9 FM), WCAO/WXYV (600 AM/103 FM), WLIF (101.9 FM), WCBM (680 AM), WMIX (106.5 FM), WQSR (102.7 FM), WFSI (107.9 FM-Annapolis), WBAL-    TV (11), WJZ-TV (13) and WMAR-TV (2), WBFF-FOX TV (45)
     2. Washington area radio and TV stations WTOP (1500 AM/ 103.5 FM), WGMS (104.1 FM) and WTTG-FOX TV (5).

F. Essential personnel are expected to report when the university is closed due to emergencies.  Be guided by the directions of your supervisors.

G. Staff and faculty members with questions about this protocol should request clarification from their immediate supervisors or the Office of Human Resources.

H. The university does not make announcements about individual department or    program activities.
     1. Departments wishing to communicate cancellation information about specific    activities are encouraged to set up their own notification systems, such as recorded telephone messages or telephone trees.
     2. Off-campus groups having business or events on campus should be informed by their on-campus contacts how cancellation information will be disseminated and develop their own notification system.


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