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UB Non-Tenured Position Contract


University of Baltimore

By this Agreement, the University of Baltimore (“the University”), an institution of the University System of Maryland, which is an agency of the State of Maryland, and [Name of Appointee] (“the Appointee”) agree as follows:

The Appointee is appointed as [Rank] on a [full-time / part-time (%)] basis, within [Division] of the [School or College] subject to the provisions contained herein.  This is neither a tenured position nor a tenure-track position.  No obligation exists as to any employment beyond the term set forth in paragraph 3.

The salary shall be at the rate of $              for _______ months service.

This appointment is for a term beginning __________ and ending __________.

This appointment is governed by the applicable provisions in paragraphs I.C.1. through I.C.16 of the University System of Maryland Policy on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure of Faculty.  Those paragraphs are hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement. The Appointee acknowledges receipt of a copy of them.  Additional copies are available to the Appointee upon request.

The Appointee shall be subject to all applicable policies and procedures duly adopted or amended from time to time by the University or the University System of Maryland.  Except as provided in paragraph 4 above, such policies and procedures are not incorporated into this Agreement and are subject to change.  The University agrees that if it changes a policy or procedure, it will not deprive the Appointee of any monetary payment the right to which has accrued under the previous policy or procedure.  Such changes will be made in accordance with all applicable established procedures of the University System of Maryland and the University.

We have also agreed to the following additional terms:


[Additional terms may not be inconsistent with paragraphs 1-5 and 7-10 of the Agreement and may not be inconsistent with the policies and procedures to which the Appointee is subject pursuant to paragraph 5 of the Agreement.]

The Appointee agrees to provide the University certified copies of transcripts reflecting the award of degrees listed as received on the Appointee’s curriculum vitae.  The Appointee further agrees to provide to the University evidence of employability as required by the United States Immigration Laws (INS Form I-9).  The Appointee also agrees that employment is terminable by the University if the aforementioned evidence is not provided.

The terms and conditions stated above constitute the entire agreement between the Appointee and the University.  This Agreement may not be modified except by means of a written amendment to this Agreement signed by the Appointee and an authorized official of the University.

This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Maryland.

This offer of appointment expires if a signed original is not returned to the University by [Date].

______________________________________________  ___________________
                      , Provost                                                          Date


______________________________________________  ___________________
[Appointee]                                                                               Date