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Performance Evaluation of Faculty - MSB

Merrick School of Business 1.4.4.

The School of Business incorporates several considerations into faculty evaluations, principally teaching, research and publication, service to the school and university (through committee responsibilities and other activities outside the class room), and service to the community (including consulting, service without fee in civic and professional organizations, etc.). While it is recognized that not all faculty excel in all areas evaluated, it is expected that effort be made to contribute and show satisfactory accomplishment in all areas.

Before scheduling the academic year, faculty members establish goals which are discussed with chairs. This planned faculty portfolio is reviewed at the end of the year when Annual Personal Faculty Reports are compiled of the academic year's accomplishments.

The faculty forward their accomplishments to the department chairperson who goes over the written presentations in detail with the faculty. Student evaluations are also presented to the faculty in both summary form and with written comments. Following these interview sessions, during which the faculty sign the chairperson's evaluation of the listed activities and students' reactions, the chairpersons present their assessments to the dean. These evaluations are considered for teaching awards, faculty retention, merit increases, promotions, and tenure decisions.

A School of Business faculty committee reviews the student evaluation questionnaire annually and makes whatever recommendations it feels appropriate for the improvement of the instrument.