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Office Hours for Students-SL

School of Law

Each week when a full-time faculty member is teaching classes at the School of Law, the faculty member is expected to maintain and post regular office hours when he or she is available to meet with students in his or her office.

In order to be reasonably accessible to students in their courses, each full-time faculty member should maintain office hours for a reasonable number of hours each week during each week that the faculty member is teaching classes, and should post these office hours on the door to their office.

Each faculty member should have a reasonable amount of office hours each week when students can meet with the faculty member in his or her office on a walk-in@ basis without the need for a prior appointment, although faculty members can reserve some office hours for students with a prior appointment. Consistent with considerations of personal security and safety, please leave the door to your office open during your posted office hours.

The University of Baltimore’s policy is that “Each faculty member is expected to hold regular office hours. These hours should be posted on his/her office door.”