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How do we protect the environment and support sustainable practices? Let us count the ways.


1. We print on "treeless" and recycled content papers.

  • Saves trees, energy, and water
  • Encourages new agricultural development
  • Keeps paper out of the landfill

2. We educate customers on "green printing."

  • Printers produce a "greener" product
  • Helps in pollution prevention, compliance, resource conservation
  • We offer a free copy of Print Grows Trees on our website
  • We plant trees for completed print jobs; to date, we’ve planted more than 45,000 trees

3. We use soy and vegetable-based ink products.

  • Reduces air pollution
  • Improves employee safety

4. We sequence print jobs by ink color.

  • Saves ink changes, labor and ink waste

5. We establish inventory control.

  • Reduces waste to landfill, saves money

6. We use energy-efficient equipment.

  • Saves energy and money

7. We use a solvent recycling program.

  • Saves material
  • Reduces air pollution

8. We harness the power of the sun.

  • Our 100kw solar array on the roof of our facility help power the building and equipment year-round
Last Published 8/29/17