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The University of Baltimore provides service and support for email distribution lists which are requested by faculty, staff, or student, based on the criteria below. There are a number of ways in which distribution lists can be created, and the answers to these queries can help us determine which kind of list to create.

Email lists are created for University-related business only, and are subject to approval prior to creation.

Bold indicates required information.


Important note: Every list name must be between 3-20 characters, which can include numbers and dashes, but NO spaces or underscores.


University of Baltimore staff, faculty and students, using only their University-supplied email account

University of Baltimore staff, faculty and students, using external email accounts, and/or non-university members

Not sure

Users will subscribe themselves

Users will subscribe themselves, but the list owner(s) must approve all subscription requests

The list owner(s) will maintain the membership manually

The membership list needs to be generated from a Peoplesoft query ("Peoplesoft-powered")

Note: If the list has many members outside the University of Baltimore who will be subscribing themselves, publishing your list may be helpful to them. If you want to keep your list hidden from the general public, it's recommended you choose "No" here.





Only the owner(s) can post

Only a select number of people can post (You can include the list of people in the details section, below)

Only the members of the list can post

Anyone can post to the list (This could allow for an increase in unwanted email and is not recommended)





Available to everyone via the web

Available to University of Baltimore staff, faculty and students as an Exchange public folder

Available only to list members via the web

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Last Published 12/18/15