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Remember the number: 4444.

UB students, faculty and staff should contact the UBPD directly at 410.837.4444 in cases of emergency or to report suspicious activity.

We recommend adding this number to your mobile phone's speed dial function.

The UBPD is also providing stickers to display the number prominently on UB desk phones.

The University of Baltimore Police Department will launch a new building and campus security strategy in fall 2013. A pilot version of the strategy has been implemented in the Liberal Arts and Policy Building during the fall 2012 semester and will be extended to the William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center later in the academic year.

The UBPD 2013 Security Patrol Strategy:

  • increases the visibility of uniformed security personnel throughout UB buildings and in the surrounding area
  • incorporates proven principles of community policing
  • strengthens the department's partnership with city law enforcement agencies, specifically in the expanded use of security cameras
  • adds to building security and service by employing trained student liaisons
  • creates cost efficiencies that enable the department to hire an additional sworn, trained and certified UBPD police officer.

Key Program Components and Changes

Mobile Security:

The 2013 Security Patrol Strategy will provide a more active, mobile security presence by having uniformed security officers patrol all floors of campus buildings, rather than remaining stationary behind an entrance-level desk. The officers' rounds will also extend to the streets and alleys around campus. The practice is an expansion of the security protocol in place in the UB Student Center and, similarly, will utilize student liaisons to provide additional customer service, observation and reporting.

Focus Areas:

In addition, UBPD's police officers will be assigned focus areas as part of an intentional community-policing strategy. Officers will make regular rounds in their assigned buildings and the surrounding area. By assigning personnel to specific campus buildings, UB police can enhance their knowledge of and relationships with students, faculty and staff in their assigned areas.

Technology Sharing With the City:

The 2013 Security Patrol Strategy will also partner with the city to install security cameras along the Charles Street corridor. The UBPD will work with city police and community partners to share technology and access to security video to enhance safety throughout Mount Vernon, UB Midtown and the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Last Published 10/2/15