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The University of Baltimore Police Department recognizes that many within the University conduct business or visit the downtown or Inner Harbor area on a daily basis. There are many public transportation/commuting options – MTA bus, light rail, the Metro subway, etc. – many of which use Penn Station next to the UB campus as a hub. We urge the UB community to consider using these services as a safe and efficient alternative to auto transportation. Consult this page for links to several of these options, and to find out more about student discounts. As part of its commitment to sustainability, UB is promoting the use of public transportation. The campus also offers a free and convenient shuttle service to students, faculty and staff. Always remember to use caution when traveling to and from campus, whether you’re in your own car or boarding a bus or train.


"Solving the Problems of Crime in Partnership with the Campus Community"

Last Published 9/19/16