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Reading, writing, thinking, knowing, doing—making knowledge work.

We are committed to preparing you for life in the 21st century, which means making sure you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in a career that may be characterized by many roles, often across multiple fields.

Our undergraduate curriculum includes 43 credits of general education that trains and encourages you to:

  • communicate effectively in many different modes
  • gather, synthesize and critically evaluate information
  • make ethical and evidence-based decisions
  • understand systems and think systemically
  • negotiate divergent and competing perspectives.

UB's flexible general-education program encompasses Maryland requirements as well as specific University of Baltimore requirements. You'll be engaged, challenged and offered opportunities to develop skills and competencies that will last a lifetime.

General-education requirements for:

  • all students who entered UB prior to fall 2013
  • any student who entered UB with 24 or more credits before fall 2014

General-education requirements for:

  • all new freshmen (fewer than 24 college credits) who entered UB in fall 2013 and after
  • all new students entering UB in fall 2014 and after
Last Published 10/2/15