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Past Events

The Helen P. Denit Honors Program hosts about 20 diverse events every semester that encourage students to volunteer in our local and global communities, develop new skills, travel, check out visual and performance art, and enjoy academic, social, and recreational activities.

Check out some of our past events:

Are You Smart About Our Harbor?
How much do you know about our national treasure, the Chesapeake Bay watershed? How aware are you of Baltimore Harbor, which links to the bay and serves as a complex habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life? What can you do to preserve these important natural resources? We enjoyed a panel discussion that featured experts on the biological diversity, ecology, and environmental law related to the harbor, as well as a how-to session to apply what we learned to protect the watershed.

Crisis, Community and Creativity: NYC 10 Years After 9/11
We discovered one of New York City's more notable neighborhoods and experienced how post 9/11 communities have been created, re-defined and celebrated through artistic expression. After visiting many memorials, we ended our day at the newly-opened 9/11 memorial. There was conversation and reflection on the bus ride home.

Denit Dialogue Series
Each semester a consistent theme is analyzed through various perspectives grounded in history, politics, culture, community, psychology, ethics, religion, art and more. Join us for nationally-renowned guest speakers whose ideas and expertise will challenge you to think about things differently. Check out our past series, Ten Years Later: The World 9/11 Made and Thought for Food.

Want to Play?
Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games trilogy envisions a dystopia arising from past war, giving us a dark vision of the future. Faculty in the Apocalypse Honors Learning Community guided a discussion and various presentations on this transmedia dystopia, using select screening of the film.


Experience the human condition as it plays out before your eyes at one of our Back Stage Theatre Pass events. Interact with cast and crew after the performance to analyze the meaning, interpretation and cultural significance of the work. We've seen performances at Everyman, Single Carrot, Spotlighter's Theater and Center Stage, to name a few!

We choose our Baltimore Symphony performances with intrigue in mind. For example: Joan of Arc at the Stake; Drum Line Live ; Bond & Beyond; and LIFE: A Journey Through Time are only a few examples of performances Denit Honors students have recently enjoyed.

Global Leadership: Rights, Wrongs & Responsibilities
Leadership is vital at a time when the world is confronted with concurrent problems—security, environmental, humanitarian and economic, enhanced acceptance and empathy are fundamental for a resilient and robust global society. We learned how to become better leaders and citizens of the world during a fun day-long retreat.

Get in the Groove
As part of the performance, audience members participated in an interactive jam session using musical instruments  from Ghana, Tibet, Pakistan and other nations. Award-winning musician and community leader Rob Levit led an interactive workshop on the role creativity plays in personal and professional development, leadership, innovation and problem-solving.

Starving for Change
This was an opportunity to observe—in a very real way—how different nations feed themselves. During the banquet, we reflected on issues of global hunger and nutrition. The banquet was followed by a screening of the film The Global Banquet: Politics of Food, which focuses on the industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers’ rights.


Food & Faculty events are created for students, faculty and staff to enjoy informal and out-of-the-classroom dialogue.

Examples of past topics include:

  • Dredging the Choptank: One Creepy and Enlightening Bucket of Eastern Shore Water Legend, Folklore and History
  • Creative Use of the Past: Investigating the History that Inspires Artistic Expression
  • Coproducing Venture Capital: Evidence from Africa
  • Swimmable and Fishable Inner Harbor by 2020: Issues and Challenges
  • A Love Affair Gone Wrong: The Subprime Crisis
  • Philosophy and Public Life: Ever the Twain Shall Meet?
  • Local landmarks, history, and nature: a walking tour
  • Found Object Art
  • The Nazi Séance: How You Write a Book about Something You (Initially) Know Nothing About
  • How to Tell When He’s Just Not That into You
  • Baltimore Data Day
  • English Law in Early Maryland
  • Ecological Assessment of the Lower Jones Falls: Moving Toward Charting a Course for the Restoration of Central Baltimore's Natural Greenway