Copyright Realignment - Updating Copyright Law for the 21st Century

John and Frances Angelos Law Center
12th Floor

To achieve the copyright system's constitutional goals, all parts of the system -- its judicial, administrative and legislative components – must work in harmony. The tripartite system also should be responsive to changes in society, particularly to technological developments that affect the creation and exploitation of copyrighted works. It’s been 40 years since Congress’s last major overhaul of the Copyright Act, and nearly 20 years since Congress addressed digital media and the Internet. Moreover, the Copyright Office itself may need updating, largely because of digital developments. For their part, courts often struggle to apply statutes and precedent developed in another millennium to current disputes involving novel factual scenarios. By drawing from the expertise of copyright owners, government officials, judges, lawyers and academics, the conference will examine the challenges facing the copyright system as well as efforts to address them.


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