The "Just Listen" Series Presents: The Evolution of Conflict

H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons
Town Hall

Mark Bell, assistant director of Diversity Initiatives at the UB School of Law, will deliver a talk entitled, "The Evolution of Conflict." An audience question-and-answer session will follow. This program is FREE and open to the public. Pizza will be served prior to the talk.

About the presentation:

Where does free speech stop and hate speech start?  How does race play into the college experience and our freedom to discuss difficult topics?  What happens when students have varying opinions regarding sensitive topics such as race, gender identity, sexual orientation, traditional marriage, and trans athletes? 

About the series:

The "Just Listen" series provides students with the opportunity to just listen to each other about some of the more controversial and volatile topics facing our society. Respect for others' points of views is paramount, and arguing and debating an issue is discouraged. Our purpose is for UB students to know and try to understand how others may feel and think about issues involving race, ethnicity, gender, jobs, politics and possibly religion. 

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Fred Guy
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