2020-21 Student Org Supplemental Funding Request


Dear Presidents & Treasurers: 


This post contains important information about the 2020-21 supplemental funding process for student organizations. Please read carefully. 


Make note, the timeline is compressed! Requests for supplemental funding for 2020-2021 are due by noon on Friday, October 23, 2020. 


There have been some changes to the process and these are discussed in training (see below) and the policies themselves can be found at this site.  


Requests should be drafted and submitted by the 2020-21 treasurer or president of your organization. An online training must be completed by the person submitting the request, prior to submission of the request. That required training can be accessed here. 


Special note: As you draft your budget request, please keep in mind that pandemic-related restrictions around events, travel, and the like may impact what funding is awarded and what is ultimately authorized for payment. Groups are asked to think carefully about their financial needs in light of the restrictions currently in place for the fall and spring. Additionally, please be aware that restrictions and guidelines are subject to adjustment as guidance from health authorities is updated. This means that processing of payments (even for items that are funded) may be held until it is clear that University guidelines and restrictions will permit the related event or initiative to actually take place. 

Once again, requests are due by noon on October 23. Requests submitted after the deadline will be denied. There are no exceptions. Please see e-mail sent on 10/12/20 for complete information.  


If you have questions about the process, please e-mail csi@ubalt.edu or contact the Center for Student Involvement at 410.837.5417. 


Thank you! 

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Christine Gunn
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Appropriate accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request 10 days prior to a campus event and 30 days prior to an event requiring travel.

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