Book Launch Celebration: The Oligarchs' Grip

Bogomolny Library

The Merrick School of Business is celebrating one of its own. Join us in celebration of Professor of Entrepreneurship David Lingelbach and his co-author Valentina Rodriguez Guerra as they launch their book "The Oligarchs' Grip: Fusing Wealth and Power."   This is the first-ever guide to oligarchs as a 
global and historical phenomenon. 

The event includes networking and an interactive learning opportunity with the co-authors. 

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  • Light refreshments will be served. 

About the book:
Today, more than twenty oligarchs serve as heads of state or government in countries such as Russia, South Africa, Lebanon, and El Salvador. Many have a net worth in excess of $1 billion, and they all –whether directly or indirectly – impact our daily lives. 

Who are they and how have they dominated our world? What lessons can we learn from them, and what might the future hold?

In The Oligarchs’ Grip: Fusing Wealth and Power, entrepreneurship professor David Lingelbach and oligarch researcher Valentina Rodruiguez Guerra draw upon more than a quarter century of research — including conversations with Vladimir Putin — as well as case studies and dozens of historical examples to develop the first-ever model revealing the strategies oligarchs employ to fuse wealth and power, and transition between the two. This model gives insight into how oligarchs use multiple control mechanisms to exploit an increasingly uncertain world. 

The Oligarchs’ Grip is a fascinating read anyone interested in oligarchs’ wield on the politico-economic scene today. 

About the Co-authors

David Lingelbach is professor of entrepreneurship at the Merrick School of Business, The University of Baltimore. He was educated at MIT, London School of Economics and Political Science, and University of Exeter, from which he received a Ph.D. Prior to becoming an academic, David served in senior roles in finance and international development, including as CEO of Bank of America’s businesses in the former Soviet Union. He has been a Fulbright Scholar (Myanmar/Burma, 2018-19) and Fulbright Specialist (Colombia, 2021) and has been nominated twice for an Andrew Carnegie Fellowship. 

Valentina Rodríguez Guerra is an author, oligarch researcher, and graduate student in business administration, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has received awards for her work from NASA and the Colombian Ministry of Education. 


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