MEETS focuses on how new labor market information can help state and local workforce development stakeholders make decisions and develop education and employment training programs that meet the needs of employers and workers. MEETS uses official industry classifications and Census Bureau Local Employment Dynamics Program Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWIs) to define and analyze employment dynamics in the targeted industries. This is done by designing and pilot testing the use of linked administrative records as a strategic tool for the workforce investment system in serving businesses and workers. Although focusing on high-growth and high priority job transformation industries initially, MEETS is intended to describe an approach to the delivery of new labor market information that can be adapted to any mix of employment opportunities and challenges. 

Engaging Partners

MEETS seeks to enhance collaboration of employers, industry leaders, business associations, educators, trainers, community and technical college systems, and other partners in the public and private workforce system. Managed by The Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore, MEETS involves state labor market information units and related research organizations in the design and development of new labor market information products. These partners then join the project team in assessing the value-added of newly developed tools.


Workforce Innovations 2006 Conference Presentation

Presented by: Jeffrey Gabriel
 Anaheim, CA
 July 11, 2006

Presentation: Follow the Data: A Collaborative Approach to Planning for Academic Programs to Meet Workforce Demands
at The Association for Institutional Research (AIR)
Effectiveness Through Diversity”,
46th Annual AIR Forum,
Chicago, Illinois
May 14 - May 18, 2006

MEETS Portfolio
March 2006

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