Beyond Socio-economic Wealth: Alternative Approaches to Studying Emotions in Family Firms

William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center

Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship, Andrew Popp will present on Sept. 26, "Beyond Socio-economic Wealth: Alternative Approaches to Studying Emotions in Family Firms."


Socio-economic wealth (SEW) has emerged as a powerful concept for incorporating the study of emotions into family business studies. This is an important step; families are inherently emotional entities and the barriers between families and the firms they own are highly permeable. This applies to emotions as much as other factors, such as financing. However, SEW has limitations; it framed in economistic terms and posits only a unidirectional flow of emotional affects (from firm to family). Based in a rich qualitative case-study and drawing on methodological and conceptual insights from the field of the history of emotions, this paper argues for an alternative approach to the incorporation of the study of emotions into family business studies. The paper also promises love, hate, sibling rivalry, madness, alcoholism, a jilted (pregnant) bride, and a drowning.

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