Are You Smart About Our Harbor?

Hilda and Michael Bogomolny Room, UB Student Center

We live amongst an inter-connected web of tributaries that feed into the Baltimore Harbor and Chesapeake Bay. How much do you know about our national treasure, the Chesapeake Bay watershed?  This complex ecosystem provides a habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life, and this includes your life. 

Baltimore's waterways are contaminated and yet there are plans to make the Baltimore Harbor swimmable by 2020. How can this obscure vision possibly become a reality?  The first step is to comprehend that we are active contributors to the health of our water-whether it’s your local stream, like the Jones Falls, the Harbor or the Chesapeake Bay. 

Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities facing the largest estuary in the United States and her tributaries. Leading experts will engage you in thought-provoking discussion that will raise your water IQ and demonstrate easy, practical and cost-saving ways you can make a positive difference.


Stanley Kemp, assistant professor, Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Tina Meyers, attorney for Blue Water Baltimore

Wolf Pecher, assistant professor, Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Eric Schott, research assistant professor, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Bill Stack, deputy director of programs, Center for Watershed Protection 


5:30 p.m.: Welcome reception
6 p.m.: Panel discussion 
7:15 p.m.: Presentation by Blue Water Baltimore 
7:30 p.m.: Q&A
7:45: Coffee and dessert reception; raffle

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