Expanding the Talent Pool to Fuel Baltimore's New Economy

Student Center - Wright Theater

UB's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation invites the UB Community to register for the gb.tc Talent Show on Thursday, April 25 right here on campus.

The gb.tc is launching a new initiative to help build Baltimore's economic future. The Talent Show is cultivating connections among fast-growing tech companies, colleges and universities, policy-makers, and promising students and workers.

This opening event will look ahead to Baltimore's near-future economy and ask how we can overcome challenges and seize new opportunities as technology and business continue to evolve rapidly. Two panels of business, tech, educational, and economic experts will explore some critical questions: 

  • How will Baltimore's economic climate change in the coming years?
  • What talents are in demand right now and what will be needed in the near future?
  • How can students and transitioning workers develop those talents?
  • What can educators (at all levels) do to develop these new skills and abilities?
  • What public policies can accelerate Baltimore’s growth in this rapidly evolving world?

Use event registration code UBALT at the event website http://gb.tc/events/talentshow/ 

ABOUT gb.tc

The gb.tc. is connecting Baltimore! It’s happening all around us. A fundamental shift in our innovation community is underway. It may appear as ripples on the surface to the casual observer, but underneath the waters are boiling with incredibly dynamic people, companies, movements, and ideas.


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