Circuit Court Judicial Clerkship Workshop

John and Frances Angelos Law Center
AL 408

At this workshop, the LCDO will offer a comprehensive overview of the judicial clerkship application process in the Maryland circuit courts: networking & follow up, submitting application materials, interviewing with judges, and more!  Don't miss this chance to get all your questions answered, and receive valuable tips on how to make your application stand out.

As an added bonus, all 3D/4Es who attend will be matched with an alumni judicial clerkship mentor, someone who has clerked and can help you navigate the process!  

Why a post-graduate judicial clerkships can be the right choice for you:

  • You want to be a trial attorney in Maryland -- there is no better training than a judicial clerkship!
  • Not sure what type of law you want to practice? A clerkship gives you more time to figure it out, and you get to see many different areas of law and learn a lot about the legal community and who you would like working with.
  • Uncertain whether your summer job will lead to an entry-level position? Wondering whether you even want to work there after graduation? No worries! Many law firms prefer to hire judicial law clerks for their junior attorney openings because they come in with the year of experience and the relationships with the judges and court personnel ... there is an active (and often unadvertised) post-clerkship job market ... and the plumb positions often go to judicial law clerks, not recent graduates.
  • You wait a long time for your Bar results and to get sworn in—about 7 months! A judicial clerkship provides you with a paid experience while you wait.  Also, you don't have to be admitted to the bar in order to keep your job.
  • The financial rewards ... a judicial clerkship is an investment, one that will lead to more money down the road because you will be a better lawyer, and far more attractive to future clients!  Don't be short-sighted ... the better paying job is not always the smart long-term option!  

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