Emerging Careers: Compliance, Risk Management, Data Privacy and Security, Legal Operations, and more!

John and Frances Angelos Law Center
AL 402

Many law school graduates are now leveraging their law degrees for non-practicing roles in compliance, risk management, data privacy and security, legal operations, and more.  These JD Alternative career opportunities in the DC/Maryland region are plentiful, can be found in both the private (corporations, consulting firms) and public (government agencies, nonprofits) sectors, and usually pay very well, anywhere from $75,000 - $120,000+. Moreover, these careers can offer complex and interesting work, job security, work-life balance, and opportunities for upward advancement, yet without billable hours, the constant pressure to develop and retain clients, and the challenges presented by the adversarial litigation process.  At this workshop, you will learn about the variety of careers open to you with a law degree, and steps you can take to discern your best career path given your values, interests, and talents.  

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