CEI thinkUBator workshop- Financial Literacy Part 1

William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center

Asaka Solutions specializes in servicing the needs of startups and contractors in Baltimore city. They have had 5 years of experience working with several businesses with diverse, innovative business models and have helped businesses receive grant funding, investment capital, projection analysis, project management and marketing resources.

? Need #1: Business students at UB need methods for generating cash-flow for their businesses.
? Need #2: Business students need methods for managing cash-flow generated from their businesses.
? Need #3: Business students need to understand how to connect to hubs to more robustly connect their networks in and out of the city.
? Goal #1: Exemplify the formulation of a sales strategy using free cash-flow tools like Ignite Spot and educate
students on automated cash-flow tools like Fluidly.
? Goal #2: Detail at least 3 methods for managing cash-flows:
- Using your Break-even Point as a Benchmark
- Managing Cash Shortfalls
- Collect Receivables ASAP and Encouraging Clients to pay up faster

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Erica Lander
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