Python 2: Advanced Python Antics


Have you always wanted to learn computer programming but were too afraid to get started? We have all been there!

Here is your opportunity to learn the basics of Python from an experienced Python and programming instructor. Join us as we tackle the wonderful quest of creating a GPA calculator using the Python programming language!

This is the second out of two Python workshop sessions. The workshops will be held on Zoom, and the content will be available on our "Python Workshop" Canvas site. 

Here are the few things we need from you in order join the session, which should only take you a few moments:

1. Make sure you click "RSVP" below, in order for us to have your email for communications related to this workshop

2. Click this link to enroll yourself into the "Python Workshop" Canvas site. This will take you all but two seconds!

3. Once you are on the "Python Workshop" Canvas site, you will find the Zoom link for the session in the "Zoom Pro" section. Please join the Zoom room on Thursday, Aug 24th, at 6:30 p.m. (Note: You will be asked to authenticate and login to the Zoom room via your UBalt Zoom account.)

4. While you can simply follow along during the session via the instructor's shared screen, we highly encourage that you install the program in advance and try it out yourself with the instructor. Please install "Anaconda", which is the program we will be using for the workshop. This link will take you to the website to install the program. Also, here are additional written and video instructions on how to install the program.

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