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Making an Appointment

The ALC uses an online appointment system that allows you to make an appointment with a tutor, writing consultant or academic coach by simply clicking the appointment button below. 

If this is your first time using the system, you'll first need to register. Once you've logged into the system, follow the instructions at the top of each screen.

If you have any questions about the system, take a look at our Appointment System FAQ or stop by our office for further assistance.  

Click here for an appointment.



Take advantage of our free services this semester.

Whether your goal is earning a competitive GPA or just surviving a tough statistics class, the Achievement and Learning Center (ALC) is here to help. Our services can help you clarify and reinforce what you learn in the classroom, enhance specific skills (e.g., math, writing, exam-taking, memory, etc.) and provide a network of support for your academic aspirations. 

Academic Center, Room 113 | 410.837.5383 | 

Last Published 2/2/16