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You can set up Microsoft Outlook to access your UB mailbox, including calendar and contacts, from off-campus computers. You can also access shared mailboxes using this option. If you need to access a shared mailbox after you configure Outlook, contact the OTS Call Center.

Once Outlook has been configured successfully, you will no longer need to use Outlook Web App to access your e-mail remotely.

Outlook 2013 Set-up Instructions

      1. Open Outlook 2013.
      2. From the startup screen, click Next.
      3. On the next screen make sure Yes is selected and click Next.
        Note: If you already have a presonal email account configured iin Outlook, you can add another by opening Outlook, selecting the file tab and clicking Add Account (see screenshot).
      4. Enter your Name, email address, current password. Click Next when done.
      5. Click Yes to accept the security certificate from the Security Alert screen.



      6. From the Windows Security screen enter your, where netID is your personal UB netID. Enter your current password and check the Remember my credentials box. Click OK.

        Step 6

      7. Once your account is configured, click Finish. It may take several minutes before all data is available.


Last Published 12/18/15