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About the Campus Directory

Using the Directory - Search Help

People Finder

You can search for a person by name or department. You must enter at least 2 characters into any of the search fields.

  • Who Is in the Campus Directory

  • All UB staff and regular faculty are listed in the directory. Adjunct faculty and students, including student employees, are not listed. If you need contact information for adjunct faculty or student employees, please contact their department for assistance or use their UB e-mail address. All UB e-mail addresses are listed in the Outlook/Outlook Web Access address book.

Department Finder

You can obtain general contact information for many campus departments. You can search for a department by typing in any part of the department name. The search may also display contact information for offices within that department.

Other Resources

Updating Your Directory Listing


The campus directory pulls employee information from existing sources such as your online personnel file in MyUB/PeopleSoft. If part of your directory listing is incorrect, please contact the appropriate office as indicated below.


Your legal name that you provided when you were hired should be listed. If it is incorrect or if your name has changed, you can contact Human Resources to change it on your employee record. You will need to provide proper documentation, proving a legal name change.

If you use a different first name, contact Human Resources to inform them of your preferred first name.


This is your job title with the University. This cannot be changed by request. If your job title changes as a result of a job reassignment, this will be reflected in the directory after the change has been entered into PeopleSoft by Human Resources.

If you believe Human Resources is using an incorrect job title for you, please speak with your supervisor or manager, or contact the Office of Human Resources.

Some employees hold multiple positions at UB. Only your primary job can be displayed in the directory.


This cannot be changed by request. If you believe the department showing up on your entry is incorrect, speak with your supervisor or manager. If you believe the department name is wrong, please contact the Office of Human Resources. The departments listed are based on official University names.

Phone, Location, and Email

These fields are maintained by the Office of Technology Services. If they are incorrect, missing or you have recently moved offices, contact the OTS Call Center.

You can ensure your information is kept accurate by contacting OTS about your office move.

Department Information

General department contact information is maintained manually. If your department's information is wrong or missing please send the correct information to the OTS Call Center. If your department name has officially changed, the director can send the updated information to OTS Call Center.

What Happened To ... ?

The new campus directory is sustainable with a small footprint, and we mean more than just green.

The new directory is able to provide accurate and efficient results by using data from other sources such as PeopleSoft and the e-mail system. Person entries are automatically updated if a relevant change is made to the person's record. New employees will show up quicker and with more complete information.

These changes make the directory sustainable. By relying on existing data where available, we decrease the manual effort needed to maintain the directory.

The new directory also has a smaller footprint. By relying on other sources of information, we do not need to store the directory entries in its own database. This change provided an opportunity to reevaluate our printable directories. Directories that could be out of date moments after printing.

If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the directory that are not addressed above, please e-mail