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Students look through wellness pamphlets.

Concerned about someone? We can help.

If you notice someone who might need assistance please let us know by completing the Referral Form. We're here to help.

Not sure where to start?

Weighing options? Need direction? Looking for someone to talk to? The Compass initiative provides an opportunity for students to take control of their own path and recognize the impact their decisions have on determining future success.

The Compass initiative provides:

  • a safe and supportive space to discuss personal challenges that are impacting your ability to be successful and reach your goals.
  • an opportunity to develop constructive approaches to address your concerns and overcome obstacles.
  • a place to explore resources that may be available to assist you. 
  • support to make positive life decisions that focus on the importance of self-care and self-advocacy.

We can also help you connect with resources and services, both on and off-campus ,to navigate your situation and make the best decision to continue moving towards success. 

Last Published 9/25/17