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We CARE about you!

Three UB students
Our services and programs center around the core values of community, accountability, responsibility and excellence.  Be sure to participate in I Dare to CARE programs to learn more about the role CARE values play in both personal and academic success. 

The Office of Community Life encourages students to make positive, healthy decisions and be responsible community members.

The office helps develop a positive university environment through its services and programs. 

  • Compass: Provide one-on-one support to UB students who are working through a difficult situation that is significantly impacting their ability to be successful at UB.  OCL helps students identify and connect with resources that can assist them in working through their situation while making positive choices that support their goals.  
    • Campus Resources and Policy Navigation: Assists students in understanding available campus resources and navigating university policies and procedures.

    • StAR Team: The Students at Risk (StAR) team is comprised of a group of university professionals  who respond to students exhibiting signs of having difficulty or who have demonstrated a pattern of out-of-character and/or concerning behavior. Individuals brought to the attention of the team are provided support and connected with resources to assist them in overcoming the obstacle and in meeting university expectations. 

  • Community Standards: Educates students about making informed decisions and the importance of acting with integrity and respect. OCL coordinates the adjudication process for student conduct concerns (academic integrity, code of conduct, student sexual misconduct) and provides educational opportunities to foster a positive university environment. 
Last Published 10/5/17