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Engage in shared decision-making.

Shared governance gives opportunities to faculty, staff, students and administrators to participate, appropriate to their special knowledge and expertise, in decisions affecting the institution. All constituencies are encouraged to be active participants in their representative UB council or senate.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association represents all students at the University of Baltimore. It provides an opportunity for all students to actively contribute to the academic and social climate of the campus. The association encourages students to participate in the governance of the campus community; one avenue for this participation is through the election of student leaders. The association meets weekly to discuss and address issues of campus concern. Unless otherwise noted,everyone is encouraged to attend, to voice opinions, or to listen and observe. The association's Executive Cabinet serve as the primary Student Government Association liaisons with the faculty, staff and administration.

Faculty Senate

University faculty is organized at two levels: (1) University-wide and (2) within the colleges. Generally this dichotomy has a functional basis. The college organizations are concerned with academic matters and are responsible for the initiation and maintenance of the academic programs. The University-wide organization deliberates matters of administration and faculty welfare concerns.

Staff Senate

The Staff Senate provides a role in shared governance to Regular Exempt, Regular Non-Exempt not represented by the union and Contractual II (Exempt and Non-Exempt) staff at the University of Baltimore. All staff members in these categories are eligible to participate, and the body elects its own senators, who in turn elect an executive board. The senate advises the president and Executive Committee on staff matters; recommends and reviews University policies as they affect staff; keeps staff informed; and provides a forum for discussion and recommendations on matters of interest to staff.

Governance Steering Council

The Governance Steering Council coordinates the activities of the two senates and of the Student Government Association and serves as a conduit of information between the three governance bodies and the University administration. It provides counsel to the University president on establishment of strategic priorities for the University.

Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistants

The University of Baltimore is committed to engaging adjunct faculty members and graduate assistants in campus dialogue to inform decisions affecting the institution.

For additional information, please contact:
Adjunct Faculty Organizing Committee Chair: M. Linda Martinak
Graduate Assistant Organizing Committee Chair: Stephanie Dolamore

Last Published 5/17/17