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Your career starts right here, right now.

Getting a job requires more than a degree. Employers want well-rounded graduates with professional attitudes and skills developed through experiences beyond the classroom.

It's never too early—or too late—to plan for your future. With the right type of coaching, mentoring and practice, we'll help get you there.

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Students on the Move

  • Joseph Napoli

    Undergraduate Student
    Major: Business- Entrepreneurship

    "At UB, the professors have been immensely helpful and the school regularly hosts guest speakers and workshops that foster the business and entrepreneurial spirit. This was how I learned of the Professional Development Institute. The institute provided me with my mentor, Renita Seabrook, whose guidance proved invaluable over the semester."

  • Lori

    Undergraduate Student
    Major: Accounting

    "With [my Professional Development Institute mentor's] encouragement, I ran for and was elected to the position of vice president of Beta Alpha Psi, went to a regional conference, joined the Maryland Association of CPA’s and got selected to attend the [organization's] Student Leadership Academy this summer. I also ... [received] a scholarship, as well as an offer for an internship and full-time position for my dream job."

  • Mendel

    Undergraduate Student
    Program: Business Administration

    "... I wanted to touch up my resume, so I met with Mr. Charles Jennings. From there, there was an instant bond and he soon became my mentor. He helped me manage my interviews as well as acceptance and rejection letters. More importantly, he helped me land a sweet job at the Wells Fargo headquarters downtown."

  • Muhammad Owais

    Undergraduate Student
    Major: Business Administration

    "The Career and Professional Development Center has helped me in many ways, including sharpening my resume and doing a mock interview. I now have a better understanding of the interview process and how a person should act and respond to questions. They have also helped me immensely to grow into the young professional that I am and get the internship that I have today."

  • Rebecca

    Undergraduate Student
    Program: Forensic Studies

    "A few weeks ago, I returned from my very first trip abroad—an immersion component in my summer class, Comparative Criminal Justice and Human Rights, with Dr. Richards. Our 10-day trip included London, Amsterdam and Brussels. ... I now have a brand new perspective on my career contributions to the world, and an appreciation for the importance and the impact we all possess."

Are you a student on the move? Share your story with us.

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Last Published 10/24/16