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You make a difference.

We recognize that you—the faculty and staff at UB—share in the university-wide commitment to "Knowledge That Works." Whatever your specialty, as you interact with students you play an important role in helping them connect their UB experience with their professional growth.

We all have a part in empowering students to maximize their career capabilities. Here are 10 simple ways you can help:

1. Teach your students about the UB Career Cycle.

2. Insert a description of the Career Center into your course outline.
Here is an example: The Career and Professional Development Center is located in the Student Center, Room 306. It offers career coaching in-person (appointment or walk-ins), by phone and via Skype. Services include interview practice, resume reviews, job postings and contacts, career fairs and assistance with exploring career options.

3. Invite our career coaches to give a presentation  on a specific career-related topic.

4. Give your students career-related project assignments and/or incorporate experiential learning in the classroom.
You can contact the Career Career at for assistance with developing assignments and grading rubrics. Examples include:

  • writing resumes and cover letters
  • conducting informational interviews
  • identifying career paths associated with particular academic degree programs
  • creating LinkedIn profiles
  • conducting a practice interview using InterviewStream
  • developing and delivering a professional pitch using InterviewStream

5. Collaborate with us on special projects to benefit students.
Have an idea? Contact us at to get started.

6. Share your expertise and participate in our events and programs.

  • Participate in our skill-building programs such as Rockin' Resumes and Rockin' Interviews.
  • Serve on our Career Advisory Board.
  • Take our Career Development Facilitator course.
  • Become a mentor for the Professional Development Institute.
  • Present one of our Be Ready Workshops on any topic you would like.
  • Collaborate with us on delivering impactful and innovative programs such as dining etiquette dinners, federal employment training and social media branding sessions.

7. Connect to employers on behalf of your students.
If you have a relationship with an employer let the Career Center know and we will help to establish a recruitment relationship to benefit UB students.

8. Become a mentor through the Professional Development Institute.

9. Participate in our events.

10. Hire students for on-campus employment.

Resources for Faculty

  • Career Services Online: The Career Center offers a variety of online tools for students to explore their career options and fine tune their employability skills. You can encourage students to utilize these free resources or contact the Career Center to incorporate them into your course outline.
  • Sample Faculty Reference Letter: Do students ask you to write reference letter for their job search or graduate school applications? Use this sample letter developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers to help you develop effective reference letters.
  • Internships: Are students asking for your opinion of an unpaid internship opportunity? Share the Department of Labor's Fact Sheet on internships programs with students seeking experiential opportunities and encourage them to utilize UBworks to find opportunities.
  • Prescreening Candidates for Employers: Has an employer asked you to refer students for a current job or internship vacancy? Be sure to read the National Associations for Colleges and Employers legal guidelines regarding faculty prescreening and the role of career services in screening candidates.
  • Career Outcomes: Stay up-to-date on the career outcomes of UB students by viewing Destination Survey data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of hiring student employees?
    Research shows that students who connect on several levels with their institution tend to remain engaged with their school, finish their degrees and have positive lasting impressions of their alma maters. They may improve their academic performance since they don’t have to spend time traveling to work. Additional benefits include:
    • Student workers allow UB offices to provide additional services and programs or complete special projects.
    • Student employees bring an immediate and fresh perspective to office procedures and marketing efforts.
    • International students add diversity to the workplace and can work on their language skills with on-the-job practice. For most, on-campus employment is their only option for working in this country.
    • Academic departments save money when student wages are paid from Federal Work Study funds.
  • How do I post an on-campus job?

    Step 1: Log in to your UBworks account (or register).
    Step 2: Click "Jobs" (in navigation bar on top of homepage); click "Add New" (in bottom left corner of page).
    Step 3: Complete the Required Fields (those with red stars); enter the job description or desired requirements
    Step 4: Customize how applications will be received. At "Resume Receipt" field, select "email" (midway down the page);  Enter the email address you want applicants' resumes to be directly sent to.
    Step 5: Click "Submit" (bottom of the page).

  • What hiring paperwork needs to be completed for new or returning student employees?

    Please consult the Office of Human Resource for the forms (including rehiring forms and instructions) needed for college work-study, student assistant and graduate assistant hires. Be sure to complete all necessary paperwork in advance of your students' start dates and follow the instructions carefully.

  • What’s the difference between a Federal Work-Study student and a regular student assistant?

    The difference is in how they are paid. You hire the student who is best suited for the job you have in your department. If the student is eligible for Federal Work-Study, their wages are paid by the government and not from your departmental budget. A regular student assistant is paid from your departmental budget.

  • How much do we need to pay a student worker?

    Federal guidelines require you to pay at least minimum wage ($7.25/hour), but UB typically pays from $8-13/hour, depending on the type of job. Information technology jobs are generally paid at the higher end of the scale.

  • How do we know if a student has received a Federal Work-Study award?

    The student can check through their MyUB account. If he/she has an award, the screen will show the amount of the award. They will need to "accept" the amount granted to them. You can direct the student here for instructions, or to the Office of Financial Aid if they have questions.

  • Who keeps track of the spending?

    It is always a good idea to track the number of hours your student works so you have a general idea about the amount of funds left in the Federal Work-Study account. However, Financial Aid also tracks the awards and can flag student accounts when $300 remains. The student can always check the amount left in his/her personal account. Departments will be charged from their own budgets for any work completed beyond their allowable work-study award.

  • Some students are new to the work world and may not have the skills we need. Where can they get training?

    We recognize that on-campus employment may be a student’s first professional job experience. We can offer a series of training programs that will teach basic work performance skills—how to answer the phone, make eye contact, listen and answer questions, attend work on time and dress appropriately for work. You are encouraged to send your student workers to our scheduled training events, whether they are FWS students or regular student assistants.

  • Can students work over the summer?

    Yes, if you have money in your budget, you can employ student assistants over the summer and in between semesters as needed. Federal Work-Study students may also work over the summer if they are officially registered for fall courses. They do not have to be taking a summer course.

  • Who do we ask for help?

    For Federal Work-Study award questions, contact Financial Aid at or x4763.

    For contract, paperwork and timesheet/payroll issues, contact the Office of Human Resources at x5410.

Last Published 12/13/16