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We empower students and alumni to be intentional managers of their careers.

Through student-centered programs, quality services and the UB Career Cycle, we provide participants with the knowledge, resources, networks and opportunities needed to connect their education to employment in the evolving marketplace. We support students and alumni as they advance professionally and transition beyond the University by engaging the employment community in mutually beneficial relationships promoting a sustainable cycle of success.

Our staff

  • Lakeisha Mathews
    Lakeisha Mathews


    Lakeisha leads the career center staff in building bridges between employment and education. She is a certified professional career coach, certified professional resume writer, and certified global career development facilitator.  As an educator with 10+ years of experience in higher education, Lakeisha’s experience includes residence life, new student orientation, academic advising and career services. Lakeisha likes to say that she has helped students gain admission into college, remain in college and exit college—with a job!  A Baltimore native, Lakeisha currently serves as co-advisor to the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS), the largest student group on campus.  She also serves on the NSLS National Advisor Advisory Board and the Maryland Career Consortium Directors Board.  Lakeisha is a past president of the Maryland Career Development Association and has attained numerous awards and recognition from both national and local organizations. Lakeisha holds a B.A in Communication from the University of Maryland, College Park and a M.S. in Human Resources from Towson University.  She is currently pursuing a Ed.D in Higher Education Innovation from Wilmington University.  In 2016, Lakeisha co-authored a book for the Association of Training and Development called Find Your Fit.

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    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever | Learner | Discipline | Responsibility | Relator

  • Anthony
    Anthony Moreira

    job development coordinator

    Anthony develops and implements the Job Location and Development Program, in addition to assisting with the numerous services the center offers. He brings more than six years in human resources and talent acquisition experience, in addition to working in student affairs during his undergraduate studies. Additionally, he is a certified career development facilitator, and desires to create career clarity for his clients. He is excited to work with UBstudents, as well as the employment community.

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    Top 5 Strengths: Restorative | Context | Analytical | Harmony | Intellection

  • Lori Bielek
    Lori Bielek

    temporary career coach

    Lori has more than 5 years of experience working at college career centers including the University of Delaware and Amherst College in Massachusetts.  She strives to provide personalized career coaching so that students feel prepared and confident in their career development journey. Lori has advised students and alumni from a variety of majors and is skilled in social media marketing and utilizing technology for career development.  Lori acquired her M. Ed. in Higher Education Administration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and her B.A. in Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island.  

    Connect on LinkedIn | 410.837.4702
    Top 5 Strengths: Adaptability | Connectedness | Ideation | Empathy | Input

Graduate Students

  • Ariel Wickham
    Ariel Wickham

    As a Master’s degree candidate in UB’s Publications Design program, Ariel enjoys supporting the work of the Career and Professional Development Center. Ariel serves as the Marketing and Graphic Design Graduate Assistant where she designs materials for and promotes the events and programs offered by the CPDC. Before becoming a member of the UB community, Ariel worked several jobs in the Communications field and received Bachelor’s degrees from Susquehanna University in Music and Public Relations. In her spare time, Ariel enjoys staying active, spending time with friends and family, and she offers classes around Baltimore as a yoga instructor. 

  • Priyanka Gupta
    Priyanka Gupta

    Priyanka is a graduate student at Merrick School of Business with a concentration in Management Information Systems. Priyanka has accumulated extensive experience working in start-ups primarily focusing in market analytics, database management, web development and android app platform. Priyanka works as a graduate assistant at the Career and Professional Development Center helping with major career events such as career fairs, networking programs, on-campus recruitment, workshops and managing the employer database. Priyanka is passionate about learning new technology and loves spending time with family and friends.

Additional Staff

Tatyana Tate

Student Assistant Team Lead: Tatyana Tate

Front Desk Staff

Front Desk Assistants: Mauricio Amaya, Allison Nicole-Santiful, Donovan Peterson, Crystal Santiful, Kayla Graves, Lynn Kamau

Career Advisory Board

The purpose of the Career Advisory Board is to serve as a forum for relationship building and information sharing between the Career and Professional Development Center and its major stakeholders (students, faculty, employers).

Gene Manko, healthcare recruiter at Maxim Healthcare Services
Daniel Yarger, senior in UB's Merrick School of Business
Sara Guscott, B.S. '14, staff auditor for SB & Co.
Angie Alston, M.S. '07, supervisory auditor for Defense Contract Audit Agency

National Society of Leadership and Success

NSLS Executive Board Members

Executive Board Members: Terae Johnson, Simone Smart, Sonce Reese, Ian Clements

NSLS SealThe National Society of Leadership and Success is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success- oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. The guiding question we established to shape all the important decisions the organization makes is: "Are we helping the greatest number of people in the greatest way?"



National Association of Colleges and Employers logo

Established in 1956, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is the leading source of information on the employment of the college educated. The professional association connects college career services professionals and HR/staffing professionals focused on college relations and recruiting.
Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers logo

The Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) develops educational programs and services, and facilitates connections and interaction between employers who seek to hire college students and alumni; the career services personnel who serve those students; and the associate members who serve the profession.
Maryland Career Consortium logo
The Maryland Career Consortium consists of the career center directors and staff of 14 colleges and universities in greater Baltimore region. MCC collectively serves students and alumni through collaborative job fairs, networking events and graduate school symposium.
National Career Development Association logo

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) provides professional development, publications, standards, and advocacy to practitioners and educators who inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals.
Last Published 5/31/17