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Two University of Baltimore students walking on our urban campus in the city.

Baltimore is changing, growing, improving. We're part of that movement—we're the University of Baltimore, for Baltimore.

There are no boundaries to our impact on Baltimore and its neighboring communities. There are no walls around our campus or limits to our commitment.

  • Our students, faculty and staff are involved in projects and initiatives that have far-reaching impact throughout the city. Here are a few examples:

    • Divided Baltimore: an ongoing course that invites community members and high schoolers to join UB students in investigating solutions to longstanding issues of inequality
    • Internships: opportunities for students to earn academic credit while contributing to the city's economy and workforce while furthering their career goals; recent internship placements include Blue Water Baltimore, Boon Street Farms, House of Ruth, Kennedy Krieger, Maryland State Police, Our Daily Bread, T. Rowe Price, United Way, WBAL and more
    • Jones Falls Research Project: a comprehensive ecological assessment of the Lower Jones Falls designed to promote a healthier urban environment
    • UB School of Law Clinics: an initiative that provides law students with real-life practical experience serving approximately 200 low-income clients every year, including adults, children, neighborhood associations and other nonprofit organizations
    • Community Service Day: an annual event and UB tradition that brings students, faculty, staff and alumni together to serve local communities through a full day of volunteer work; this year, volunteers contributed more than 500 hours of service to 15 sites
    • Early College Initiatives: a set of programs that help local high school and community college students enhance their college-level math, reading and writing skills during a "sneak peek" of life at a four-year institution
    • Performance Studies: Baltimore: a specialization within the Integrated Arts major that capitalizes on partnerships with the Everyman Theatre and the Hippodrome Foundation to encourage city high school graduates to convert their passion for performing arts to a successful career
    • Prison College Program: an effort to reduce recidivism by providing an opportunity to complete a degree in community studies and civic engagement and a minor in entrepreneurship to inmates at Jessup Correctional Institute, whose tuition is supported through a Department of Education Second Chance Program Pell Grant
    • Anchor Institution: As a contributor to the Baltimore City Anchor Plan, UB serves as a pillar of strength in the city. Anchor institutions are Baltimore's largest employers and serve as catalysts to attract and retain residents, create jobs and drive economic growth.
    • Metro Lab Network: UB is helping Baltimore bring data, analytics and innovation to our local government. The University of Baltimore and the city of Baltimore are joining MetroLab Network, a network of 35 city-university partnerships. Members of the network research, develop and deploy technologies and policy approaches to address challenges facing the nation’s urban areas.
    • Sustainable Cities Initiative: Given Baltimore's role as a model city for the United Nations' USA Sustainable Cities Initiative, UB provides support and guidance as the city expands its capabilities regarding sustainable development.
    • Live Near Your WorkUB offers this benefit program to support the revitalization and stabilization goals of targeted neighboring communities while also supporting the home ownership goals of its employees.
  • UB's centers and institutes provide a foundation for effective government and responsible citizenship.

  • The University of Baltimore is a major repository of city history, from the 1968 riots to the evolution of gay life in the city. If it happened in Baltimore, UB has a record of it in our archives.

UB Facts



  • 80% of UB students receive financial assistance.

  • 67% of recent grads report having had an internship during their undergraduate career.

  • 89% of undergrads are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.


  • 1/3 of Maryland’s state court judges are UB alumni.

  • 1 in 5 Baltimore crime lab employees is a UB graduate.

  • More UB alumni are managing partners in Baltimore’s 25 largest accounting firms than are graduates from any other area university.


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Last Published 12/13/16