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A big city with a small-town feel. Charming.

Baltimore: A Top College Town

It's more than just charming; Baltimore has been dubbed one of the top five new "cool" cities for Millennials, according to a City Observatory poll measuring the number of degree-holding young people living in core urban neighborhoods, 2000-10.

Baltimore is a big name on some other "best of" lists, too:

Baltimore isn't nicknamed Charm City for nothing. And while there are endless reasons that it's a great place to go to school, here are what we think are the five most important ones.

P.S. So why not come by and learn more about living and studying in the heart of Baltimore, just minutes from the Inner Harbor? Trust us--we look even better in person.

  • 1. We're close to everything.

    We're close to major highways and to every kind of public transportation, so getting around town is simple. Or you can just walk across the street to Penn Station and hop a train for a quick trip to Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; New York; or other major East Coast destinations.
  • 2. So much to do. How do you choose?

    Tourists routinely head for the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium, downtown's upscale stores and eateries, but what about you? Nearly every Baltimore neighborhood has its own unique and quirky attractions.
  • 3. Baltimore is a city ap-art.

    Baltimore has more than its share of visual and performing arts. Within close walking distance of UB, you'll find The Walters Art Museum, the Patricia and Arthur Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric, the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center. UB's campus is also is home to Artscape, the nation's largest free arts festival.
  • 4. This is birdland.

    From UB's nearby Light Rail stop, it's a 10-minute ride south to Baltimore's two professional sports stadiums. Catch a Baltimore Orioles baseball game in the spring or enjoy fall football with the Baltimore Ravens.
  • 5. Baltimore is a college town.

    UB is just one of many public and private colleges and universities in and around metropolitan Baltimore. That "college town feel" is one of the major benefits of life in the city. Get familiar with the Baltimore Collegetown Network and learn more about the ways these campuses contribute to the charm of Charm City.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm brand new to Baltimore. Where should I start? What should I see first?

    First, get a good overview of the city's many attractions. It may also help to understand the city's geography: We're on the water, the landscape is hilly but highly walkable, you don't need a car to get around, the city is relatively compact, etc. If there's one thing you'll learn from longtime residents, it's that Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods. The dozens of neighborhoods that make up the city, from Mount Washington to Homeland, Federal Hill to Highlandtown, all have their own character, folkways, history and perspective. The character of the city can change, block by block.

  • I want to live near campus. Any advice?

    Absolutely; check out our recommendations and learn more about living in UB Midtown.

  • I want to check out the campus. Where do I start?

    There's no better way to get a real feel for our campus in the heart of Baltimore than by joining us for a campus tour or an open house or info session. If you're from out of town, there are plenty of accommodations within walking distance.

  • What are some things that are unique to Baltimore?

    Charm City is charming for lots of reasons: crabs, hon culture, painted screens, the Kinetic Sculpture Race, the Bawlmer accent, rooftop decks, the Preakness Stakes, lemon sticks, Arabbers and much more. Spend some time here, and you'll discover all sorts of quirks that make Baltimore a city that's attracting young college graduates in record numbers.

  • What is the weather like?

    Like much of the mid-Atlantic region, Baltimore is lucky to experience all four seasons. It's hot in the summer, cold in the winter and generally mild and beautiful during spring and fall. Of course, the saying around here goes: If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes ...

  • Are there green spaces near campus?

    We have fantastic large-scale parks in Baltimore, like Patterson Park (155 acres) and Druid Hill Park (755 acres), and there are hiking and biking trails, like the 5-mile Jones Falls Trail and the 15-mile Gwynns Falls Trail, right in our backyard.

  • How else can I learn about Baltimore?

    Check out information about living in and visiting Baltimore. 

  • Inner Harbor
    Baltimore's Inner Harbor

    Baltimore is a lively mix of old and new, local and global. The city has preserved its past while continuing to forge ahead as a model American city for the 21st century, with a strong entrepreneurial economy and a vibrant social scene. Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a great destination for shopping, fine dining, music and more. Catch a water taxi and take in the sites on a cool, crisp evening, or join the many runners, bikers and kayakers who make the harbor part of their daily exercise routine.

  • Fell's Point
    Fell's Point

    Fell's Point is a historic part of the city, famous for its blend of nightlife and family life and its many hip places for shopping, eating and drinking. It also offers one-of-a-kind views of the Baltimore skyline and harbor.

  • Mount Vernon
    Mount Vernon

    In midtown Baltimore, just five minutes from the UB campus, is Mount Vernon, one of the nation's most beloved urban oases. Plenty of UB students live in and around this neighborhood, which features a healthy mix of housing, nightlife and career opportunities—right in the heart of the city.

  • Oriole Park at Camden Yards

    Home to both the Orioles and the Ravens, Baltimore has one of the country's strongest traditions in its love of sports. Here's historic Oriole Park at Camden Yards, consistently voted a favorite among those who know their baseball parks. Not only do we have great baseball and football, there's also professional indoor soccer, world-class college lacrosse, and local basketball and football rivalries that draw thousands.

  • lemon stick
    lemon sticks

    Yes, we have our purely local food traditions: a snowball on a hot summer day, a bushel of crabs and a keg of beer when it's time to feast ... and this: a lemon stick, which consists of fresh lemon juice combined with a peppermint straw. Yum.

Last Published 5/10/17