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Consult your adviser to determine which tests and courses you will need. Take any placement tests before your second registration so that you stay on schedule to graduate on time.

Placement Testing
To ensure that you are adequately prepared for the challenges in both lower-division and upper division courses, the University of Baltimore usually requires that students demonstrate mastery of math and/or writing prerequisite skills by taking a placement exam. Students may be exempted from placement exams under certain conditions. Freshmen should consult Admissions counselors, and transfer students with SAT scores should consult their academic advisers to determine whether or not the exemptions apply.

Waiver Exam
You may be able to waive COSC 100 or INSS 100 by taking the computer Literacy Waiver Exam. Consult your academic adviser for more information.

If you need to take... the relevant test is... You will need to bring...
Freshman Tests Accuplacer Reading, Writing
and Math Tests
Photo ID
WRIT 101 Accuplacer Reading
and Writing Tests
Photo ID and 7-digit
student ID number
WRIT 200/300 Upper-Division Writing
Placement Test
Photo ID and pen or pencil
MATH 111, MATH 115
or OPRE 201
Accuplacer Math Test
(some exceptions apply)
Photo ID and 7-digit
student ID number
COSC 100 or INSS 100 Computer Literacy
Waiver Exam
Photo ID
  • Placement scores are valid for two years, in accordance with state guidelines.
  • If you are a transfer student needing to take a placement test, you must do so no later than your second registration so that you will be able to graduate on schedule and your subsequent course work will benefit from the enhancement of your skills.
  • If you provide current documentation of a disability at least two weeks in advance of testing with the Center for Educational Access, you are eligible for appropriate testing accommodations.