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This detailed information about tuition and mandatory fee payments can help ensure smooth transactions when it comes to billing.

  • All tuition and mandatory fees are due by the due date specified for the term. To ensure proper credit, write your student ID number on all checks and money orders submitted to the University. You may elect to use the Sallie Mae Tuition Payment Plan. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for information regarding loans, scholarships, etc.
  • All previous balances must be paid prior to registration for the following academic semester. Previous balances will prohibit the issue of official transcripts or any other official evidence of attendance.
  • You are responsible for all charges incurred for the semesters in which you enroll. If you withdraw (from the University or from a course), you must do so in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in the University catalog, the academic calendar and the refund schedule published by the Office of the Bursar each semester to have charges adjusted or to not be held liable for charges. If you do not adhere to the proper withdrawal procedures, you forfeit the right to any adjustment and waiver of a liability to the University. Refer to refund schedule for dates and reduction amount. If your account becomes delinquent, the University will pursue collection of all outstanding balances under regulations of the State of Maryland. Accounts not paid to the University will be referred to the Central Collection Unit of the State of Maryland for possible legal action. You are liable for the outstanding balance and collection costs in an amount approximately equal to 17 percent of the unpaid balance, and your credit rating will be affected.
  • If you register during the Late Registration Period, you will incur a $20 late fee. See our Explanation of Fees.

Not withstanding any other provision of this or any other University (College) publication, the University (College) reserves the right to make changes in tuition, mandatory fees and other charges at any time such changes deemed necessary by the University (College) and the University System of Maryland Board of Regents.

Last Published 3/8/17