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We support faculty in ensuring students with disabilities can achieve their goals.

Yes, there's a manual.

The Office of Disability and Access Services is pleased to provide you with a downloadable manual related to teaching students with disabilities. Feel free to reference it as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns about content in the manual, please contact us.

  • Ensuring your syllabus is comprehensive.

    We suggest that faculty include the following language in their syllabi:

    If you have a documented disability that requires accommodations, please contact the Office of Disability and Access Services at 410.837.4775 or The office is in the Academic Center, Room 139. The center provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities.
  • Understanding testing accommodations.

    1. Complete a Supervised Testing Administration request form for each quiz, exam or test you give. This form allows you to indicate the time, date and length of the test and to list any materials that will be allowed during the exam.
    2. Forward the quiz, exam or test to the Office of Disability and Access Services via email or interoffice mail or drop it off at AC 139 at least two days prior to the test.
    3. Please work with us to support our efforts of scheduling the accommodated quiz, exam or test as close to the date that it will be administered to the rest of the class to ensure the student with a disability isn’t given an advantage of extra preparation time over his or her peers.
    4. You determine, via the Supervised Testing Administration request form, how you want the test returned to you. The Office of Disability and Access Services will either deliver the completed test to you directly or will keep it locked in an envelope for you to pick up from the center. The center will not allow a student to deliver a test; this helps maintain the test’s integrity and supports the academic honesty policy of the University.

    Other details:

    • If a student with a disability needs to reschedule an exam due to the disability or due to another unforeseen circumstance, the student must contact and receive confirmation from you (via email) that he or she is granted permission to reschedule. You have the right to deny this request.
    • Students are responsible for bringing their own blue books, calculators or other materials, as their peers would do, to take the exam.
    • Students will not be granted extended time if they arrive late for the test, since you, as a faculty member, cannot always grant this allowance in the classroom. If necessary, student should discuss this with you.
    • All students are proctored by the Office of Disability and Access Services, and any incidents observed by the proctor will be reported to the director of the center, who will inform you of the incident.
  • Requesting interpreters for campus events.

    Please communicate interpreter requests for campus events to the Office of Disability and Access Services via email at least seven calendar days prior to the event. Include the following information:

    • name of requester
    • office/division
    • contact information (phone, email)
    • title of event
    • location of event
    • length of event.

    All interpreting expenses for campus events are covered by the center.

  • Helping us recruit notetakers.

    At times, the Office of Disability and Access Services may need your help in identifying a notetaker for a student in your class. If this is the case, we'll send you an email asking for your support in our recruitment effort. We'll also provide suggested language for an announcement to help simplify the task. If you have a student or two in mind whom you believe would make good notetakers, we very much appreciate your recommendation.
Last Published 8/15/17