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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

See the world through Global Field Studies.

The Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences opens up the world through Global Field Studies.


If you have questions or want more information about Global Field Studies, contact:

John Bates, professor

International travel can change your life. That's the premise behind the College of Arts and Sciences' Global Field Studies Program in General Education, Arts and Sciences.

Beginning in January 2015 and in coordination with WorldStrides International Discovery, the college will offer ongoing opportunities for students, faculty and staff to explore the world together. The program incorporates a week or more of international travel into for-credit courses that satisfy general-education or academic program requirements.

2015 College of Arts and Sciences Global Field Studies Opportunities

An information session about the 2015 Global Field Studies trips is scheduled for Thursday, September 18 from 4:15-5:15 p.m. in the Business Center, Room 221.

  • Costa Rica (January 2015): biology
  • London and environs (spring break 2015): psychology, music and literature
  • Germany (summer 2015): philosophy and history

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tell me more about the upcoming travel opportunities?

    Two Global Field studies international travel experiences have been organized for UB by WorldStrides International Discovery, well known as an educational travel agency and staffed by former educators, that tailors every trip to the interests and academic needs of student travelers.

    Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Conservation (Jan. 9-18, 2015), in conjunction with a winterim Fundamentals of Biology course taught by Stan Kemp.

    London: Disraeli, Dickens and Darwin
    (March 14-22, 2015), in conjunction with three spring semester courses, including Evolutionary Psychology taught by John Bates, a Victorian literature course taught by Cheryl Wilson and a general education course (yet to be determined) taught by Daniel Page

    Planning for a third travel experience, to Germany during summer 2015, is nearing completion. As soon as the itinerary has been established, we will communicate details.

  • Do I have to enroll in the associated course to be able to participate in the Global Field Studies travel opportunity?

    No. Participation in these travel experiences normally is not limited to students enrolled in the associated courses and is open to all current and former UB students, undergraduate or graduate; all UB staff and faculty; and family members (18 years or older) of students, staff and faculty. However, priority may be given to students enrolled in an associated course if space is limited by the nature of the trip or the availability of sufficient transportation or lodging.
  • Is financial aid available to defray some of the cost of the international travel?

    The College of Arts and Sciences can provide $180 to every current UB student who participates in Global Field Studies travel, provided that the minimum required number of travelers has been met for a trip to take place.

    We are also working hard to encourage donors to contribute to a travel fund that will be available to students meeting academic and financial-need requirements.
  • How do I register for a Global Field Studies travel opportunity?

    Register online by going to the WorldStrides International Discovery Web page set up for each trip, where you also can set up a convenient, monthly payment plan for the cost of the travel. Contact John Bates for the links.