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Stories. Poems. Essays. Plork Press presents an extrasensory reading experience.


Plork Press, a student-driven imprint at the University of Baltimore, is proud to announce the release of its first book, Plorkology: Stories, Poems, and Essays. The hand-bound work, a nod to publishing days past, features a collection of writing from students in the college’s M.F.A. in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program. As many as 150 copies will be completed by late September or early October.

Students began working on the book during summer 2013 when the “work-play experts” at Plork Press received a generous grant from the University of Baltimore to produce a compilation of student writing. Throughout the summer, the student publishers collected submissions, then edited, designed, printed and bound the first anthology of M.F.A. student writing.

The creative efforts of Plork Press present an example of the M.F.A. program’s emphasis on the overall study of publishing. Plork plans to promote Plorkology: Stories, Poems, and Essays through events such as the Baltimore Book Festival and the Association of Writers & Writing Programs' annual conference.