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Oldenburg appsAssistant Professor Aaron Oldenburg is app happy. His two new Apple App Store games explore the importance of sound in our environment.

Aaron Oldenburg, assistant professor in the Division of Science, Information Arts and Technologies, participated in June and July in the Experimental Gameplay Project, a monthly themed online project with the goal of rapidly prototyping new forms of gameplay. The outcome: two new audio-based games for the iPhone and iPad.

Optic Echo , created for June's Experimental Gameplay Project challenge "MASHUP," encourages players to "make an invisible world visible by making noise," using your voice to find your way as you chase a man through a maze.

A GPS-based pervasive game, Sound Swallower leads players to explore a hidden sonic environment outdoors using the device's GPS and built-in mic, all while avoiding the Sound Swallower.

Find both apps in Apple's App Store.