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With one book published and another available for preorder, two faculty members offer up resonant reads for 2013.

Kassner's book Joshua J. Kassner , assistant professor in the Division of Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies, published Rwanda and the Moral Obligation of Humanitarian Intervention with Edinburgh University Press in November 2012.

In the book, Kassner contends that the violation of basic human rights of Rwandan Tutsis by Hutus during the 1994 genocide morally obliged the international community to intervene militarily; Kassner's assertion, however, runs counter to the accepted view on the moral nature of humanitarian intervention.

The book represents a new approach to the intersection of human and sovereign rights that is of great moral, political and legal importance to theorists working in international relations today. It also challenges sovereign states' right of nonintervention, assessing when it becomes right for the international community to intervene militarily to protect basic human rights regardless of ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.



Winik's bookMeanwhile, Marion Winik , assistant professor in the Klein Family School of Communications Design and longtime NPR commentator, has written Highs in the Low Fifties , to be published by Globe Pequot Press in June. Winik narrates a series of romantic experiences—some of them pathetic, some sweet and others just incredible—that she's had while trying to rebuild her life as a "once-widowed, once-divorced single mom." This is Winik's ninth book and is now available for preorder.