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The home of UB's premier prelaw programs

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History, philosophy, law and ethics all play hugely important, though not always obvious, roles in our society. The Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies (LEHS) division of UB's College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including the premier prelaw programs at UB. Majoring in one of our LEHS programs - either History, Jurisprudence or Philosophy, Society and Applied Ethics – you can develop an understanding of both law and the history, philosophy, and ethics behind it, and you will find yourself in high demand in today’s workplace – no matter the field.

Division of Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies
H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons
1415 Maryland Ave., Suite 300
Baltimore, MD 21201

Division Chair 
Jeffrey Sawyer

Academic Program Specialist 
Cindy Myers

Academic Program Coordinator 
Toni Martsoukos