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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences


Download media lab contract.

  • Conduct in the Media Lab Suites

    1. Do not eat, drink or smoke in the Media Lab or near any equipment.
    2. Do not unlock any of the doors or prop them open, even if you are occupying the room onto which the door opens.
    3. Do not step on any cables, pull cables out by the plug or pull cables out by the wire, or change the pre-set control levels or wiring on any equipment without permission.
    4. Do not use equipment until you've passed the appropriate lab test.
    5. Do not mess with other people's stuff. Don't open, move or delete other peoples' files; don't record on tapes that aren't yours; etc.
    6. Unless you've made special arrangements, always take your supplies with you. We will not be responsible for the care or condition of materials left behind.
    7. Be considerate of others and begin finishing up/saving projects before the next person's reservation time.
    8. Clean up the Audio Suites when you are finished working: Throw away trash, coil cables, turn off computers and all equipment, and make sure the door is locked behind you.
    9. If you have lab-related problems, first see the lab assistant and then contact the director of technologies or your instructor. If s/he isn't around, any Klein Family School of Communications Design faculty member who is available will try to help you resolve the problem.
  • Reservations

    1. Production courses always take precedent over all of the equipment and suites, or whatever is required as designated by the instructor, for the duration of their class period.
    2. The online reservation system is managed using Google Calendars and forms.
    3. Students enrolled in a production class that allows equipment reservations will be emailed a link to a shared Google Calendar.
    4. Students wishing to reserve remote equipment can refer to the calendar they were emailed for availability, and then use the online form to request a reservation. 
    5. An email will be sent by the Media Lab Assistant to the originator of the form, either confirming the reservation or identifying a conflict.
  • Remote Equipment

    1. A student who has paid a lab fee in a Klein Family School of Communications Design course has access to all of the school's equipment for use related to that class.
    2. Students who wish to check out production equipment must pass the test on the equipment they wish to use. This is required every semester, regardless of when a student took a production course.
    3. Students may only check out a single camera and light kit.
    4. Equipment may only be checked out for a maximum of 24 hours or until the lab opens again (if the lab is closed for a duration longer than 24 hours).
    5. Remote equipment can only be checked in by the person who checked it out, in person, with a lab assistant, and that person must wait until all equipment has been checked in and the lab assistant tells you that you can leave.
    6. During periods of heightened activity in production courses, the instructors will designate certain pieces of remote equipment as being blocked out for open reservation on the sign-up schedule. During these times, students in production courses reserve equipment, and others may only sign up for equipment 24 hours or less before they want to receive the equipment, or take it out on an as-needed basis.
    7. Fines will be assessed for any damage to or loss of equipment or accessories. Your access to the Media Lab and Digital Design Studio and your current class grade and student accounts will be frozen until such fines are paid. Students who return damaged equipment will be responsible for repairs or replacement costs. Students who do not return equipment (i.e., lost or stolen) will be responsible for the entire replacement cost, some or all of which they may be able to recover through their own homeowners/renters insurance. Your signature on the check-out form acknowledges this.